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The Norwegian definition of a "Good Guy Greg", often misinterpreted to be a bad thing. He is very manly and even extravagant. You will want to be his friend right away, and sleep over at his house at weekends. Many people say that Snorre is an old and boring name, but it's not. Snorre is a beast motherfucking viking name and roots back to the Icelandic poet and Viking Lord Snorre Sturlasson, which is related to technoviking. The most noteworthy about a Snorre is his drinking capabilities and his bicep strength. A Snorre once drank 2 liters of moonshine and bicep-curled it off.
Example 1.
Guy 1: Hey do you know Snorre?
Guy 2: Yeah he's the best guy in the world and if I were gay I would date the shit out of him.

Example 2.
Guy 1: Hey do you know Snorre?
Guy 2: Yeah he's the guy who drew Mona Lisa and composed The Moonlight Sonata while climbing Mt. Everest with a shark on his head and playing monopoly with his toes.
by Mr. Big D Anon May 27, 2013
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Wisconsinese for "barf" and "shit", usually referring to a person who identifies as a Snorre. Snorres are an unrecognized minority and can be distinguished by their snorre slang and marshmallow voices. Most Snorres are impolite and strictly follow their traditional ways of life. The Snorres that aren't single are usually a part of three-person relationships that consist of two Snorres and a Snorrette.
Person 1: Dude, that Snorre just took a shit in his girlfriend's locker
Person 2: Don't worry, that's just a Snorre tradition
by snowmanperson December 14, 2011
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a fuckwad

Snorre is a name from the older norwegian language. It's not a popular name anymore because it's just sounds to lame for future parents. A Snorre is usually reconized by trying to complete the simpelest tasks but still look like a complete fucktard. A Snorre would also try to sound like a black person by saying "daaamn nature, you scary!" but will end up sounding like an albino.
$ Daaamn nature, you scary!
#That was terrible, you an albino or a Snorre?
by sexyteacher58 February 19, 2011
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