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A named derived from the Greek name Sophia that describes a person (more often then not, a female) that exhibits qualities of "bro-ness" while still maintaining an image of femininity. Also, a "Snophia" daily partakes in activities such as: taking bong rips, smoking a hookah, packing and smoking bowls, rolling and smoking joints and blunts, and also getting to the extent of almost too drunk. A Snophia also is known to be extremely polite while puking, never missing the inside of the toilet bowl. Snophia's are great friends, and you always have the best memories/you-wish-you-rememberedies ever. If you ever meet a Snophia, be sure to travel to Europe and room together. Any pets owned by a Snophia will be severely retarded from second hand smoke inhalation. Snophia's can also be four legged creatures from Winnie the Pooh that slurp things from their nose.
Girl: "Hey, is that girl a Snophia?"
Bro: "Naw, there's no way she's a Snophia... That girl isn't hott enough and she's no where stoned enough.... However that girl..."
Dude: "That girl's a total Snophia, I've got to take her to Europe."
by FrancisBacon November 07, 2010
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