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To get sucker punched by someone twice your size, most likely a guido, after you've had one drink too many and thought it was okay to basically tell him that you're glad their dog died.

The first person to get "snooki'd" is none other than Snooki from MTV's Jersey Shore, who while insulting a guy at a bar found the guy's fist squared in her face.
I heard this girl at the bar tell her boyfriend that she was leaving him for his brother. Needless to say, she got snooki'd.
by SAFSAYSNJROCKS December 09, 2009
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To be "snooki'd" is to be sucker punched.

Word came about after Nicole Polizzi (aka "Snooki") from the MTV Hit series, Jersey Shore, got punched in the face at a bar.
John heard that Paul slept with his girlfriend, so out of nowhere John came up and snooki'd Paul's ass.
by JoiseyGurl January 23, 2010
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To be punched by a guy (only applies to girls). Was made after Nicole Polizzi from MTV's Jersey Shore was punched in the face by a drunk freeloader at a bar.
Dude, that chick got snooki'd by her boyfriend!
by Neverbeensnooki'd February 15, 2010
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