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The free pair of fuzzy sock like Snocks that comes with a Snuggie.
Samantha got a free pair of pink Snocks with her Snuggie!
by downnola December 25, 2009
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The state of a sneeze stuck in your nose.
I was about to sneeze but I got snocked.

I glanced into the sun to unsnock myself.
by mementousagi May 21, 2017
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A snowball with a rock in it that gnomes throw at children.
That garden gnome just broke some pussy kid's nose with a snock!
by Dr. Bates December 08, 2010
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A name for a serial poster of crap on internet forums.Usually bald and has very little knowledge of anything of any use.
I was reading a post and it had been posted by a right Snock, i.e. no value whatsoever and complete rubbish.
by A Baldie October 07, 2006
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