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Any member in a collection of two or more people who is loud, annoying, large in stature (fat, heavy-set, morbidly obese), or far more expendable than any of the of members of the aforementioned group. Somebody who could be unquestioningly and unhesitatingly sacrificed.
As the group laughed at one another's jokes, one laugh rose above the rest in an obnoxious fashion, instantly pissing everyone off. Dirty looks were given, and as the reputable members of the group looked at each other, they could see the truth in their eyes. He was undoubtedly the designated sniperbait.
by White Tiger & Justice March 31, 2010
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Anybody who uses the phrase "pwnz your bonez" is a real SniperBaiT.
by SniperHatE October 18, 2004
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Some body w/ a long ass gamer tag that shows up when ever you sweep across the screen
Also some body thet draws fire to expose sniper
Dude that guy spartan117 _cod 4 is total sniper bait I cam c his name all across the tv
Ill draw fire w/ the riot shield u kill him when u c him
by langley qqtpqert February 18, 2010
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Your god. "Elite Hacker of the game Counter-Strike". A person who "pwnz your bonez"
The person who "pwnz your bonez"
by SniperBaiT August 05, 2002
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