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To sneak in to bed without waking your sleeping partner
I sninkled into bed while you were snoring your head off.
by William Braquemard July 21, 2016
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1. To snow lightly in small particles.
2. To lightly snow over.
3. To dust lightly with snow.
The weather today shows intermittent sninkle with a 20% chance of heavier snow.
The roads had a light sninkling of snow.
Is is snowing? No, it is only sninkling outside.
I wish it would quit sninkling and really snow a lot.
by Verijaa December 29, 2012
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a snow sprinkle. small amount of snowflakes falling to the ground.
The {sninkles} outside were gently falling, certainly not enough precipitation to accumulate.
by Steph Holmes April 11, 2007
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