to scam, steal, rip someone off, dishonest
Brah was tryin to sneed me on that eighth
by matt April 11, 2004
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An evil force that caused the destruction of many reigns, but the most famous person that he once got banned was the famous, epic, and heady HooHah.
Bush is a sneed because he caused the destruction of the reign of the democrats.
by Anonymous April 21, 2005
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The act of breaking one's fibula
While trying to stiff arm someone he was tackled from behind and snee(d).
by sneer13 October 29, 2009
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SNEED; The Sneed is a computer program developed at Toys R Us by Mike Drake and his Boy's World Team (sometimes known as Drake's Action Rangers) in 2000 and 2001. The original Sneed was developed to look at the inventory for one category of merchandise in a single store and determine how much product that store needed based on past sales history and determining how much they would receive after rounding that need to the case pack. Other versions of the Sneed were developed to look at entire areas or regions and make the same calculations and another version was developed to "ramp up" sales for the winter holidays. Ostensibly the name "Sneed" meant "store need" but Drake would often reveal it was actually a reference to the Dr Suess book The Lorax in which a sneed is a thing that everyone wants and nobody cares how they get. Drake and his team often felt this was how the stores viewed product.
"Activate the Sneed!" roared Garone.
by John Eyler September 14, 2005
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when a person is so blatantly stupid to the point where there is not a word in the english language that could describe the level of total stupidity that this person daily carries on his/her shoulders,these people known as "sneeds" do everything from killing jokes,to making horrible mistakes in their choice of every day vocabulary
sean:sup caleb,wanna hear a joke

caleb:no shutup sneed

sean: *begins to cry*.....you're mean...
by keelo-b December 29, 2008
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Nerds who dress like tomboys and can say the alphabet backwards
Does she seriously think she is a sneed??
by minpipnamshan May 10, 2018
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