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Is where a person looks athletic and in good shape but has hidden fat.
When you see someone in a gym that has really lean arms and legs and looks fit in shorts and a singlet, but when they take their shirt off they have a chubby stomach and back fat. The person is said to be 'sneaky fat'.
by Marcus Davidsson March 08, 2009
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When an over weight person wears clothes that hide their true size.
I had no idea she was so heavy when I tried to pick her up, her dress was sneaky fat.
by Margaret J. November 14, 2007
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An adjective used to describe a person who has the general shape and build of a thin person (as in the face, arms, and legs) but has a pot belly and/or fat ass. Often, these people will wear baggy clothes so that their fat parts are concealed, making them appear thin.
I thought that Tom was a stick, then he leaned back to yawn and I saw his stomach. He's sneaky-fat.
by Steve Barichko September 29, 2008
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Your friends think you weight 120 when you really weigh 140 because they don't know about your sneaky fat.
by Lillian Keen September 19, 2006
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1.) the kind of fat where a persons body appears to be skinny, but they have fat that isnt visible until the body is naked. 2.) Every fat person's profile picture and you have to go through all their pictures because they take them all themselves from a top angle to hide how fat they really are, but somehow one manages to slip through that shows a whole body shot. 3.) similar to the "wonderbra effect", or stuffing of your pants.
1.) That bitch was sneaky fat man, had to lift up her roll just to dick it.
2.) That girl looked cute but she was sneaky fat, I didn't notice until her last picture where i saw her body.
by aybaybaywes March 03, 2011
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