Synonymous to cheating in a boardgame, or hacking in a video game, snakes are THE reason for everything that is wrong in our lives. You know who "they" are when Kyle and Stan says "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"? They're motherfucking snakes. This definition came about from the movie "Snakes on a Plane", where a terrified passenger screamed "Snakes!" as the lights went out, implying that snakes purposely turned off the lights in order to devour them.
9 headshots in a row? That is so snakes!
by Samuel "Shaft" L. Jackson September 08, 2006
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A liar. Someone who is a flake, and backs out of every opportunity to hang out or play video games.
"yo, wheres Tito?"
"He's not coming, said he's going to watch wrestling"
"wow, hes on facebook"
"what a fuckin' snake"
by NoSnakesAllowed January 03, 2014
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1920's porn star Ray Wad member characterized in a 12 pound member. you can hear the women screaming even though the movies were silent.
Ray Wad walked into the room and unzipped his trousers and proclaimed "Look at this snake!!" all the women fainted.
by raymundo September 09, 2004
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