Taylor swift pretended like she did not give concent to Kanye to use her in a song. She did and was later exposed, she is a snake
by Briana del rey July 21, 2016
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(verb) 1. to steal a wave from another surfer
2. to swoop in like a condor and steal the woman of one of your friends who was talking to her at a bar or club
1. Dude, you just snaked my wave!
2. I can't believe Rafael snaked my girl last night. I had a feeling that was gonna happen!
by djshanrock September 22, 2009
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A snake is someone who is a snitch or someone you can't trust. A guy snake is talking to multiple girls at one time and who asks for nudes within the first week and leaves you on read.
Robby is a snake, he is so fake and told Carlee everything.

Jackson is a snake, he asked Madison for booty pictures within the first day of meeting her!
by Snakesatsm December 18, 2016
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Someone you thought is cute and innocent but is actually muthafckin papa churros
via giphy
by HitmanBang March 06, 2017
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The Kentucky definition of snake or snaking somebody is to run up behind someone and stick your finger up their ass and holler "Snake".
" I really snaked that girl in the hallway." " My Uncle snaked me when I was a kid."
by Jump The Shark May 20, 2009
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1. It lives with the Badgers and the Mushroom
2. A slang term for Cock
3. To steal something
1. A Snake A Snake, Snaaaaaake A Snake, Ohhhhhh, it's a Snake...
2. That guy has a huge Snake!
3. "That bastard just snaked my jacket!"
by KeeWee January 11, 2005
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