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Generation Y better known as Millennials; those reaching young adulthood around the year 2000. They don't buy cars or houses, communicate primarily through text heavy with emoji's and periodically congregate at EDM "concerts" and have difficulty looking someone in the eye when talking to them. Saddled with crushing student debt, often live at home and would rather hang out with friends than invest their free time in their 20's on a worthwhile career.
"Hey man you stream that new Skrillex track on Spotify yet?"

"The one that sounds like 2 computers having sex?"


"You've been hanging out with too many Snake People bro."
by bodwest June 03, 2015
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A good term for millenials.
Snakes are widely misunderstood, hated and feared, when they’re only what they were born as.

Millenials are widely hated, blamed and shamed, most often from the very generation who raised them.
Also, snakes are cool.
Remember that a child’s job is to grow up to be better than their parents, and a parent’s job is to help facilitate that, however consciously/unconsciously that role may manifest as.

So when looked at on a wide scale, yeah, Snake people.
Shed em up.
“Have you heard of that web extension that changes every instance of the term ‘millenials’ with ‘snake people’?”
“Yes I found it while searching for Actual snake people & was disappointed.”
by Cyber Christ May 29, 2018
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