An acronym representing Sex Now or Leave.
Originally used on an online chat site, teens use this term before asking for the asl of a person as a way to ensure maximum time to 'CYBURR' their counterpart.

(the origin of the SnL seems to come from a cupcake factory North of the United states, where many taboo events unfolded)
Person A: SnL?
Person A: YAY IM ....
by High Priest Of Barney April 19, 2009
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Acronym for Single and Looking used in situations to explain ones availability
Undispute is SnL.
by undispute July 30, 2008
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SNL is short for "Saturday Night Live". Aired on NBC starting in 1975, the show instantly became a classic. A cast consisting of comedy star such as Dan Akroyd (1941, Blues Brothers, Christmas With The Cranks),Chevy Chase (National Lampoon's Vacation), and John Belushi (Animal House, Blues Brothers) made the show an instant classic. Produced by comedy god Lorne Micheals, the show re-invented television forever. The show went through a dark period, as Lorne left in 1980. He left it to now NBC sports producer Dick Eborsol. He would cast greats like Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, and Martin Short in 1986. Lorne returned from then to now. In 1991 the show went back up in the ratings when now comedy gods Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, and David Spade joined the cast. The house was cleared in 1995 to make way for cast members such as Will Farrell, Derrel Hammod, Jimmy Fallon and Molly Shannon. Between 1996 and 2002 the show went thorugh a period that bested its first 5 years. The show still airs today on NBC at 11:30 PM on Saturday
SNL is one of the greatest comedy shows ever created.
by johndoe December 07, 2004
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Did you see Will Ferrell on SNL last night? That Britney is such a bitchface.
by Viewer February 24, 2003
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Short for "Show No Love", easily the best guild in Ragnarok Online. Period.
Player1: Woah, SNL rolled that guild right at the end.
Player2: The thing is, they have only like 14 players and they went against 3 allied zerg guilds.
Player1: That's pretty boss.
by Show No Love May 20, 2012
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When a situation with multiple people is occurring in a fashion that seems like an SNL skit.
"Yoo, why are we dancing on top of your car, drunk af, looking at the sunset?"
"Thats SNL bro..."
by AwesomeGod712 November 29, 2021
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