a cough developed because of smoking
person a-*cough cough cough*
person b- i told you get off that stuff, that's that smoker's cough
by jessica January 27, 2004
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A cough often produced by smokers, created by excess phlegm in the esophagus. The sound created is loud and harsh, and grabs the attention of nearby people.
Bob 1: I didn't know you smoked, Bob 2...

Bob 2: Yes. I'm trying to get a Smoker's Cough.

Bob 1: That's fucking ridiculous. Why?

Bob 2: Just because.
by Greggha July 10, 2008
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After receiving oral sex, instead of ejaculating in a woman's mouth you ejaculate directly down her trachea. This would require a woman who had a tracheotomy, a surgery most common with those having complications due to smoking.
That girl couldn't keep her teeth off my cock so I pulled out, put it right in her neck, and gave her a smoker's cough.
by Boltesian August 14, 2013
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A sexual act whereby a woman performs oral sex on a man, retaining his semen in her mouth upon ejaculation. She then sticks her nose in another menstruating woman's vagina, proceeding to hock a loogie of menstrual blood and semen into her mouth.
Hey Ma! Sis is on 'er period! It's time for the bi-monthly smoker's cough!
by bicycle fish December 16, 2009
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a cough after suckin a mean dick that produces a bad taste
Your chick is smokin your bone you blow your load in her trap and she proceeds to cough on the bad taste and paste.like a smokers cough after a haul on a cigarette.
by djd1 May 09, 2006
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