Any electronic device that you can smoke. It does not include cigarettes.
Bro can you pass your smokable.

Have you seen my smokable

Who took my smokable!
by Fariri August 2, 2020
Another name for marijuana. Aka: Pot, ganja, weed, etc.
Stoner #1: Dude, did you get some of that smokable Jesus?

Stoner #2: Yeah, dude! Let's get fucking ripped off our asses!
by Jebus of America April 14, 2009
Another name for Kingwood, Texas. A place where there is an ass load of drugs and stupid ignorant religious retards with absolutely nothing to do except gameforce or mountasia which is like 3 million miles away.
Dude, there's nothing to fucking do in Kingwood, the smokable forest. Let's go smoke some weed.
by Kingwoodsux October 13, 2005