A very Sexual and Jizzworthy person, generally they are extremely awesome, however they are an endangered species.
Guy 1: Wow, that girl is really hott.
Guy 2: No, Dude. She's Smexxi.
by Ditz.xx October 13, 2008
Smexxiful is a word usually used by preteens online to mean extremely attractive, sexy, hot or cute
"OMG Bill Kaulitz is soooo Smexxiful!"
"Whiplasher Bernadotte is sooo efffin Smexxiful"
"There's this Smexxiful Guy named Bill Kaulitz"
"Smexxiful? as in.. Bill Kaulitz?"
by Alli Kaulitz July 17, 2009
a word said by obese people meaning "super sexy"
Bob and Jorj are so god damn smexxi
by BobnJorj September 4, 2006
you smell good and look sexy at the same time
"Hey girlfriend, your smexxi today!
by xx_Tessa_xx July 13, 2009
very sexxy!
me! im smexxy
by raymond jones January 6, 2009