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Smellebration is when you walk into someones office or room and give them an air sample of last nights dinner. A large fart that is so bad they try to choke it up.
Walked into Brads office today and had a smellebration, he could not run away fast enough it was such a bad fart he could taste it.
by Nelppik April 30, 2010
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Usually on a long car journey, or other prolonged period of confinement with friends, the grudging acknowledgement that someone has dropped the most rancid, evil-smelling shit so far.

Whilst the victor - or "he/she who dealt it" - can remain anonymous, they can usually be be identified as 'looking happier than a wanking Jap' at their achievement.
"I think a smellebration is in order, but Jesus fucking Christ, Dave, something has crawled up your arse and died. Get some medical help ffs."
by Kart Yoda February 06, 2019
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