Smatch is a combination of the words "Smash" & "Match". "Smash" is a term used for getting laid or getting the butt cheeks and "Match" is a term using for going 50/50 for weed or chronic. If you would like to get high and have sex after this is the perfect word!
Yo bitch lets Smatch! or yo shawty after class do you want to Smatch?
by Richie.B, Luis.P January 02, 2011
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1. An ass-slapping motion.
2. The period in the Ottoman Empire when the flags were ripped down to be turned into dresses.

See also 38th parallel
Smatchin' it to the 38th parallel, bitchez!!!
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To smack someone in the snatch, usually as punishment. See also smatched, smatching, and smatches.
"If you keep posting links to Rebecca Black's "Friday", I'm going to smatch you.
by Esmatchulator May 13, 2011
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to choke with male juices or gizz
Don't make me smatch you
by Drew Tufts January 12, 2005
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A dirty vagina often associated with an ugly man named carl eating that pussy.
by Bkkong October 23, 2014
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"I met Colin for the first time after we matched on tinder and he told me he's studying the same subject as I do and is into penguin-orgys as well"
"Well he seems like a guy as interlectual and dirty minded as you are - thats a smatch"
by Tanscha June 06, 2019
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