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When someone is a small brain they are not smart and have the smallest of brain's. People with small brain typically are named Roger and Bo.
by WhyAPenny November 1, 2019
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Someone who always think of the negative side of everything
Lianne feeds on gossip and keeps on spreading false stories. She has a small brain.
by Queen214 November 5, 2018
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When people have a small brain, they are not smart. In comparison, their brain is at least 2 times smaller, but in rare cases can be even smaller. Small brains usually: are brown haired, play volleyball, have a twin, named Madison.
Who’s that?
Oh that’s Madison, she’s a small brain.

Aw, poor thing.
by NotEllieTalbot November 16, 2019
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Someone who is dumb as fuck and has no culture. This person has almost always never gotten laid and eats apple seeds everyday.
Small Brain Human: How do apple seeds go up the tree?
Big Brain Humans:🤦🏼 ♀️
by *rebuilds dick* December 11, 2019
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Did you seriously mess up the cobblestone generator again? You're such a small brain.
by [insert clever name here] February 19, 2020
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When someone is a fucking idiot they are a small brain.
Mike "Yo I charged off the map trying to get the transing zen."

Jane "LMAOOOO you are so small brained nerd lol."
by SMall BRained February 21, 2019
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