Something that Mr. Abdul Karim in Atomic Shrimp's "The Surprising Return of John Barosa" is adamant he is not. He has since adopted it, regularly accusing scammers of being small boys.
That's quite a childish question. Like something a small boy would write. Are you a small boy?
by lazarusinhell October 22, 2023
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A small boy is a term created by an unnamed 419 scammer and then adopted by the scambaiter Atomic Shrimp to refer to anyone who behaves unprofessionally or dares to accept payment using Steam Wallet gift cards.
Him: Hey dude, for my birthday can you get me some steam cards.
Me: Steam cards are only used by gamers or kids? What are you, a small boy???
by Barrister John Warosa July 17, 2022
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Someone who acts a lot younger then they are, usually stupid, immature, small minded or dumb
"Oi small boi" "stop being small boi ". "Bob is a small boi"
by RoadmandonL April 3, 2017
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The phrase Small Boys is used to describe the lowest form of what you could be doing at the time, for example, if you were to be on a poker table, a £100 table would be for the "Small Boys" whilst a £1,000,000 table would be for the big boys
"Oi Tom, You know if George got a 5 piece Chicken Meal for lunch like he said?"
"Nah mate, knowing him he went for a 1 piece kids meal, Small Boys he is"
by BORING11223344 April 23, 2019
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The small boy who doesn't let anyone or anything get in his way, and if you do, he growls the loudest
by gurrygirl February 13, 2019
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A young male (usually asian) who acts like he is 4. He also owns a dank meme account but never posts memes. He only targets a poor little Arabian boy.
You small boi, get out from under your rock of depression!
by Jaden Rozum February 5, 2017
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JP Is small and gay if you have a friend who is name JP he is small and gay
Small boy JP is gay
by Tell boy gang October 24, 2019
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