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The slutulator is a reality based, objective calculation to determine whether or not a woman is a slut. It works like this, You take a womans age at the time she lost her virginity, for example lets say 18 for example, and you take her current age, lets say 25 for example. you subtract 18 from 25 which equals 7. If her number of partners equals less than 7 this is a good girl. If it is more, she's a slut....however if she has had more than one one night stand, then her final number is multiplied by how many one night stands she has had, which in this case would be 14, so she's a total slut whore. Next.
I did calculations on her with the slutulator and it never lies. she lost her virginity and 16, she's now 22, and has had 10 partners, including 3 one night stands, so her score is a 30. we have a real skanky trog on our hands, fellas.
by Captain Matador the 4th April 01, 2010
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