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A Slutsbian is when a girl is an extreme slut and at the same time a lesbian with another slutsbian.
Slutsbians are often known for their pictures on facebook with the lack of clothing, or slutting stances/positions. Slutsbians think they are extremely pretty but they often lack in the 'looks department' no matter how hard they try.
Slutsbians enjoy dieing one strand of hair the same colour so everyone can see that they are together.
Beware of slutsbians, one side of the relationship is a want-to-be tough girl who can beat up anyone; while the other is not affraid to do things such as smash another girl's head into a rock. Be sure to disipher which slutsbian you are dealing with.
Although the two girls are lesbian, they also par-take in male/female slutting.
Person 1: Have you seen the slutsbian of 2010?
Person 2: You mean Heather and Melanie?
by teachergotablowjob March 10, 2010
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