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The slutasaurus is one of the sluttiest creatures and most often featured in popular culture around the world. It hails from what is now the western United States, more specifically Kirkland, WA. Some people consider slutasaurus to be a species of dinosaur similar to the T. Rex while others maintain and are correct in believing the slutasaurus is a separate genus commonly likened to a dirty whore.

the slutasaurus is very sexually promiscuous and usually engages in sexual acts that are disapproved of, obviously. unlike your everyday slut you will not find the slutasaures standing on the corner of Aurora or any other street corner for that matter. The slutasaures is commonly found burrowed in it's slutasaures den where it's visitors line up for a little slutasaures action. If you are interested in finding out more about the slutasaures you will have to do some investigative research on where to best locate one of the aforementioned dens.
I usually end up burrowing with the same slutasaurus every week. Her den has the largest selection of inappropriate toys. true that playa.
by kellyka November 19, 2007
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A girl who looks like a dinosaur wears revealing clothes and wants sexual activity all the time

She sleeps with old men

And is desprate for a sexual relationship.
'That girl is a slutasaurus'
by Paige parkin November 28, 2016
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A lady that performs sexual favours in exchange for money or a fake relationships with a man/woman. This is much more harsh than just 'slut'.
1: She sucked my dick
2: Yeah but you know shes a slutasaurus
by Pete February 25, 2004
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