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To slurd is to go sledding while under the influence of hard spirited liquor. Traditionally, bourbon whiskey is the liquor used to begin the drunken sledding off of the snowiest mountain tops and the steepest hills--on the most frigid of frigid winter days.

Slurding's roots began with the famed bottle of aged 1939 'Fighting Cock' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.
"Why would you look at that, I have nothing in the world to do right now and I am incredibly bored to tears.

-I am sorry to hear that--there is very little to do when it's snowing outside and you can't appreciate the simple joys of snowball fights like children can.

You can appreciate the joys of anything childlike as long as you add alcohol to the equation.

-Great Scott! Let us drink till we're mad and then go sledding down that nearby hill!!

Let's call it SLURDING!----BRILLIANT!!!"
by TheFightingCock November 17, 2011
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