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How snails move. Because they don't run, slide or slither. So they slunder, which is all three.
1. "My pet snail slundered away."

2. "My pet snail ran away."
"You mean slundered.
by Hollie and Alda June 17, 2009
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when someone causes gaps in lines by not moving forward when appropriate or requiring too much personal space.
The slunderous students made the lunch line move slower and appear much longer than it really was.
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by josephthetwineguy July 19, 2018
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the act of "sliding under" specifically a desk or table. Most often occurs in during extremely boring lectures or by small children trying to make a sneaky get-away from the dinner table.
The class size dropped considerably as more and more students slundered to take naps.

After perfecting his slundering skills, Drew seemed to get shorter and shorter over the course of the meal, until he disappeared all together.
by nerdyAthlete October 04, 2009
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woman: to smack a woman's breast from the side at a sensitive time.
man: to smack the head of a man's penis after sex.
"I sucked her titty and then slundered her boob!"

"I fucked his brains out, then slundered him in the shower. He Cried."
by Tyler K. July 31, 2005
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The verb "to slunder" means to soil, ruin in a dirty way, make grimy or filthy - but in a non-physical way (see examples). It originates from "slander", and the "un" which is changed originated either from a desire to incorporate "under" into the word - or, more likely, to utilise the un sound from cunt - and thus capture some of the foulness of that, the most terrible of words.
"That wraggot just slundered the atmosphere"

"Don't slunder that little girl's mind"

"The percussionist is slundering this song"
by Mistermiagi January 10, 2005
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