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When a mans penis looks like a slimey slug because his dick is limp, short, smelly and wet looking due to being unwashed for a week.

Slug dick can also be defined as an unerect penis that resembles a curved fat slug.
Oh my goodness Becky, he pulled his pants down to reveal his disgusting slug dick!!!
by w a b b i † Willburkey October 26, 2013
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After busting a load. The Dick Operator proceeds to soak the Dick in cum. This creates a Sticky Dick which gets scratchy and forces the Operator to move slowly for fear of getting an itchy dick.
Robert: Dude whynare you so slow?!
Cuck: I busted this morning and now I got slug dick, sorry I’m so slow.
Robert: Oh sorry man, I understand now.
by XxWintxX November 21, 2017
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