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When a semi-flaccid penis is flung violently in a whip-like motion towards a women's face or genitals, usually causing semen to become airborne.
"How did your date with Brenda go last night?"

"It was nice, we went to dinner and afterwards I gave her a big fat Sloppy Jack. There was semen everywhere."
by cannabis420 March 18, 2015
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Some dietary supplement tend to make the taker excrete their own body fat in liquid form (Britney Spears was rumoured to be a fan). However, unlike spears these fluids can be used for the sole purpose of lubrication of the rectum. Perfroming a Sloppy Jack would be to take advantage of these fluids in the pursuit of back door pleasures
Andy puts rohypnol and diet suppliments in drinks to get new girlfriends.
by ManMachine January 24, 2005
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