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1) A group of sloots.

2) A list of girls that have been tainted by an entire brotherhood of hounds and given nick names.
1)"Look at that sloom over there!"

2) Mauled by Bulldog, Shovel Face, Smashleigh, Cumdumpster
by Steven porter December 02, 2003
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A state of which someone is both in gloom and sadness. only the best sloom-destroyers may overcome it.
Cass: Mike you seem very sad today and also gloomy...


Cass: Destroy it man destroy it!
by TaSloomDestroya November 13, 2009
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n. Possibly the greatest undiscovered band ever to grace the earth, playing everything you could ever ask for. Also maintain a healthy facebook. Perform some of the most unforgettable shows ever
I saw an electrifying SLOOM show last night.
by dasLumberjack June 16, 2011
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a word which means something is really straight and smooth.
almost too straight.
prefectly straight i guess you could say.
like a ruler.
person no1: woah man check out your hair, its really sloom.
person no2: thanks dude.
by glittersticksox March 21, 2009
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