Invented by our Queen Paris Hilton. It's slaying mixed with living my best life.
I am sliving, sliving it, sliving my best life, sliving single.
by His him December 16, 2019
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Coined by Paris Hilton during an interview with Kim Petras, she defining it as "killing it and slaying in one word."
Also considered the new “That’s hot” which Paris Hilton’s first and was adored by many.

Due to her lack of immoral opinions and scandals, the media failed to catch this new phrase from its creation.

Often used as a combination of “Slay” and “Live” as most fans assumed she misspoke as Slay and Kill can be interchangeable so it would be unnecessary for another word to be made in conjunction, but thus deepening the “word” into a “meme”.
This is partly what makes it such a specific and needed word in today’s online linguistics
Friend: “I found this brand new top by this fabulous designer... you’ve probably never heard of them-”
Me: “of course, they’re like, sliving the industry!”

Friend: “ugh I dunno if this lipstick is to much.”
Me: “No way! You totally sliv with that colour!”
by Dan-is-actually-on-fire February 22, 2020
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Claimed to invented by Paris Hilton in 2019, it means 'slaying mixed with living my best life'.
"I am sliving, sliving it, sliving my best life, sliving single, etc".
by sss1600 November 30, 2019
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Surviving: Just trying to stay alive
Living: You're alive and living your best life.

Sliving lies between these two definitions, it's where sometimes you're life may be great and you are "living" and sometimes your life may suck and instead you are just "surviving".
"Yeah, I'm Sliving my life. It's not great, but it's not bad either..."
by Yessirthisis_me December 15, 2021
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1. Sorta living, not dead
2. Sorta alert and active; sorta animated
"you make it home ok? you still sliving?"
by CAStet February 21, 2020
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a small snake that slithers and stabs you in the back
nick condo is a slive
by Papa Nigg September 24, 2009
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