When you dump somoene while having sex with them, while your dog is watching.
"Dude, I was totally slipstreaming your sister last night, with your Labrador"

"I'm gonna slipstream Milly tonight."
by Slipstreamer125 June 14, 2009
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When you are engaged in coitus and you urinate in your fuckmates vagiana without consent
Bonqwifious: Last night during hot steamy sex with my dad he slipstreamed in my cornhole

Fabio:WOW!!! I slipstream my pet poodle all the time
by Bunson52 June 28, 2016
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The area behind a vehicle moving through something where there is not so much air resistance (if moving through air. This can be used to gain speed before overtaking someone in a race.
Also if in space when your spaceship is in the slipstream of another it can't be detected by the other ship's sensors (but this is only if you are in an episode of star trek).
Ooh ooh he's going to overtake him, he's gaining speed in the slipstream.
YES! he's done it and the crowd goes wild.
by X-Mondo November 5, 2003
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In auto racing, it is the zone right behind of a moving car. This zone has reduced air resistance and thus, allowing higher speeds...
Driver B got directly behind Driver A's slipstream, and was able to pass him easily..
by Roger T. May 3, 2005
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When you add a service pack or programs into a windows installation
I Slipstreamed SP2 and Photoshop into my Windows Xp Pro Corp CD!
by Auraithx November 29, 2004
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Between the lips of a wet pussy
wow babbey you have a tasty slipstream
by coomy January 27, 2007
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