Slip(noun) a slutty girl
To Slip (verb) to have sex to sleep with someone of the other sex
She is such a slip, everyone knows she slips with everyone she knows.
by slipper03 April 14, 2009
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Straight, cool, sick, class, nasty, fly.
You see that dolphins' comeback, that shit was slip.

Jordan has that new slip Charger.

Damn, your tape's slip, you went to uptowns?
by Christian W April 12, 2009
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the act to slice ones scrotum open and remove the testicles.
oi i will fucking slip you hardcore
by fkfjkfjkjfk March 09, 2007
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The entrance of the GUTTA
Chocolate man 1:"That hoodrats slip GUTTA is being blocked by a chocolate stick

Krakk head: "Dats me"
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(Noun) An offensive word describing an adolescent, specifically a male, who has not hit puberty yet.
That slip's voice drives me nuts.
by ClassicMeglomaniac April 23, 2017
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Slang by tweekers for one 12 count of Sudafed usually in aluminum foil pack..slips are nessacary in making meth.....slips are worth more than cash
I need 48 slips for a batch
I'll trade slips for shit
by Queenowords November 29, 2016
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Another one of those slang words for 'peak' or 'deep', normally used by people who don't like to talk real English.
Randall: 'Omg he was being slip all day to jess'
Connor: 'Wow... what is his problem'
via giphy
by tom spike March 16, 2016
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