Same meaning as calling someone a tool except the tool has absolutely no fucking use.
1. That boy Rid a slimp. Or,
2. Damn you a slimp ass bitch
3. Don't get caught slimping.
by Ashlee of Assland July 10, 2019
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Adj: A universal word meaning friend,enemy. Meaning tired, happy, sad, lazy.
Friend to friend: yo what up slimp? "Not much man just chillin"

'Had a tiring day at work' - "Man I'm slimped out"

'Hate a lazy worker' - "Man that dude is a slimp worker"
by Penimeclarfin April 26, 2019
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A slimp is a lazy person.
John says to Joe: You are such a slimp!
by rocketmandly April 2, 2008
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When someone is caught slippin and being a simp at the same time
Bro why are you Slimping

Hey dude did you know Dane was Slimping
by Jack_The_Hack June 4, 2020
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slimp is a very perfect human being. they will always be by your side no matter what. through the good and bad. they deserve the absolute world and sm more. slimp is a very pretty person. and very caring:)
slimp = perfect
by slimpismyfavtbh August 20, 2021
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