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Only the pro-est of the pro get this title. Usually refers to video games.
"Dude you went 31 and 2?! Your so slimey!!"
by dontposeme August 4, 2009
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A slimey is when a guy is jerking it in your general direction and he simultaneously cum shots your face and sneezes all over it too.
So ya, I was just watching the Golden Girls last night and here he came with his wanker and next thing I knew I had a slimey on my face.
by Scatchmo April 28, 2011
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of, relating to, or resembling underhanded and gross behavior that associating with or accepting would make you a complacent contributor to, and worthy of a similar distinction. As though touching something slimy will leave slime on you

Similar in spelling to "Slimy" however the E in slimEy is generated from the often incorrect repetition by poorly educated indicuduals who when repeating the word hear su-lime-eeee and poorly associate 'y' with 'ey'
by therealistkittykat October 28, 2020
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A term for someone who can't spell for shit
Person A: heslllo gueys

Person B: bruh are you fucking slimey?
by Sp0okyBee November 30, 2021
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Describes a person who keeps it real, Maintain ones composure. Also keeping it slimey is to be honest and truthful. Slick+Grimey=slimey
"You think I'll get laid tonight wearin this shirt? Keep it slimey."

"My dude is slimey. He can pull any girl in here."
by Rory O'Shay March 14, 2007
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when someone is making loud smacking noises and trying to start fights
omg dude she was being so slimey!
by shrekstiddies February 14, 2019
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