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Slim thick a girl with a slim body shape but a big booty and big thighs. Usually with a smalle waist and flat stomach.
Daquan: she thick bro!!
Rashan:nah she slim thick 😍
by Brown skin shorty January 09, 2016
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When you're skinny but still have ass and titties.
"Aye man, what would you consider Mimi?"

"Mm...chubby and thick."

"Nah, NATSUMI'S chubby and thick, but Mimi is slim thick. She's skinny as fuck, but that ass and those titties still poke out, and they jiggle when she runs"

"...Shiiit you right"
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by tsxmi.vee May 20, 2019
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A girl with big/toned thighs, plump booty, normal sized hips AND a flat/toned stomach. These girls are slimmer than "thick girls" but are still considered thick. What really defines a slim thick girl is her big, juicy thighs paired with a slim figure. They can have smaller curves than thick girls (who have an ideal hourglass shape).
Boy #1: look man, that girl has juicy thighs with a slim figure!
Boy #2: yeah man, that girl is slim thick!
by Jenny.V January 08, 2015
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A girl that has a skinny waist/is skinny but has a "heavy bust" and "large gluteus Maximus"
"Little round the middle but she got much back"

-Nicki Minaj

"I wish I was slim thick"
by Satanscute3 January 10, 2019
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Skinny but not anorexic and has curves. The perfect ratio between skinny and thick. Some experts believe this to be the ideal figure of the human female.
“Ohhh who that slim thick woman?”
“Oh that vitoria she does judo so careful she can kick yo ass”
by BIG PAPI KEVIN September 20, 2019
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