When you start a direct message chain on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, with the hopes of acquiring the booty.
Shawn: Bruh, have you seen Aurora's Instagram lately?
Christian: YEAH! I'm about to slide into the DM's on that right now.
Shawn: She won't respond to you.
Christian: Check it.
Shawn: A successful slide.
by Dr.Business May 19, 2015
A direct message, usually private and on a social network such as twitter or Instagram, with the purpose of initiating courtship.
“He slid into mary’s DM even though he is dating Jane”

“She was tired of boys sliding into the dms but never talking to her in person”
by GenZBoomerTranslator November 24, 2019
When you send a Direct message to someone on twitter confidently and smoothly.
Nash:"Im about to slide into the dms asking for her number!"

Cameron:"Good look with that."
by Heisenberg209 March 23, 2014
When a guy texts a girl through dm (instagram or twitter) and hooks up
by Trap queen1 September 10, 2016
Adverb: to slide into a text/chat with a girl really really smoothly
Boi imma bout to slide into the dm's
by Mr.Quakers4 August 22, 2017
Trying to slide into a girls private messages
sliding into the dms is something Gary does to make himself feel better
by KnottyCanadian November 3, 2017