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When you start a direct message chain on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, with the hopes of acquiring the booty.
Shawn: Bruh, have you seen Aurora's Instagram lately?
Christian: YEAH! I'm about to slide into the DM's on that right now.
Shawn: She won't respond to you.
Christian: Check it.
Shawn: A successful slide.
by Dr.Business May 19, 2015
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When you send a Direct message to someone on twitter confidently and smoothly.
Nash:"Im about to slide into the dms asking for her number!"

Cameron:"Good look with that."
by Heisenberg209 March 23, 2014
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When one wears a pair of Doc Martens and attempts to style the decision out as an "accidental" purchase
Mate, are them DMs on your feet ?

Ye, funny story... I ordered the wrong pair online but figured I may as well keep the. They're pretty cool tho, right?

No fam, and don't claim you didn't slide into the DMs
by Aintnothanglikealeighthang February 08, 2017
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Follow then add inappropriate requests to someone you want to get to know through direct messaging on social media.
Emma: If you need a lift just slide into the dms of someone

Hilary: Yeah I'll hit up Jacinda and ask for a lift in the Herc
Emma: Nice slide Hilary, nice slide.
by KB Neiko August 06, 2019
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