To play the role of detective, to gather facts and information usually in the traditional Sherlock Holmes inconspicuous way.
To investigate in the manner of a detective.

A proper Sleuth needs to be intelligent, witty, and always a few steps ahead others. In fact, he never reveals all his discoveries or conclusions. His wisdom is his greatest asset and he needs to hide that wisdom if he expects to be hired for his services.
Sherlock Holmes enjoys a proper Sleuthing, like a boss!
by Dr. Goodwin Honeyhow June 03, 2011
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A detective like person, capable of finding out (or stealing) useful information, often in under-handed ways. "Sleuthing" is the act of being a sleuth.
by Clint on May 23, 2008
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Sly, sneaky, or epic. To do something sleuthely is to be cool, to be sly.
Homey 1: Man, dat guy is up on da high palm, down on da low.
Homey 2: I see. You mean he is Sleuthe?

Homey: Personally I think Marx's ideas were quite sleuthe and inventional.
by MetalChipz March 02, 2009
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To be detective-like. *It is also a variation of "sleuthfulness."
"The Hardy Boys were sleuthful."
by Jim MacMillan March 22, 2008
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a covert way of saying "slut"
random girl: hey freddy how're you doing?!!
freddy: w'sup sleuth.
by langan May 18, 2003
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a slut-sloth combo
looks at lazy dutty girl "wow she's such a sleuth"
by caroSTAR April 04, 2011
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Incredibly drunk, to the point where one becomes belligerent and sloppy. To be used as a substitute for "trashed", "wasted", or "loaded".
"Bro, we're getting sleuthed tonight!"
"I was so sleuthed, I fucked a fatty."
by Keenum August 04, 2008
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