A phrase that means you passed out, slept well and undisturbed till you woke up, the exact opposite to how babies sleep.
Q) Morning, how did you sleep?
A) I slept like a baby
by Galawh February 24, 2019
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to sleep infrequently in short spurts and at the most inconvenient times, followed by a big mess in their pants
Correct usage in a sentence: "man, I slept like a baby." response: "well that explains the smell. Sorry about that buddy. Better luck next time."
by drgrams March 12, 2011
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When ABDL, babyfur, DDLG or littles go to sleep wearing a diaper, snuggling plushies, sucking on pacifiers, experiencing peaceful bliss and being adorable
I put on a PeekABU, grabbed Stitch and my paci and slept like a baby.
by diaperpup February 17, 2019
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an expression used to describe when you woke up crying and pissing everywhere
i slept like a baby last night
by vinny tests the birdie January 4, 2010
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A metaphor that literally means a person slept peacefully throughout the night.

Most people today do not know how to take care of babies, as a result their child wakes up every 2 hours, pissing and crying and have incorrectly interpreted the meaning of the expression to mean: "Slept like the hell spawn of Satan".

I say hell-spawn of Satan because only Satan could treat a child as badly as these people treat their own children. But fear not children of God, for the age of darkness will only last a short 1000 years.
Slept Like A Baby
by TheAutisticHumanBeing February 19, 2019
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Something someone says as a metaphor, but what they don’t realize is babies wake up crying every 2 hours for food or a diaper change.
Person D (D for dumb): Man I slept like a baby last night
Person C(For common sense): Babies sleeping schedule is very unorganized cluttered and they wake up randomly
(Now that I think about it the saying is kinda tru abt me lmao)
by lex_and_em February 12, 2019
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