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When two people share a bed to experience sexual positions and cuddle afterwards til morning
Amanda : Wow Chad's sure been a dick since Kiersten started Sleeping With Jake!
Kaylee : No kidding he took a dump on his desk yesterday and made me clean it up!
Amanda : Oh my god that's disgusting I would have quit!
Kaylee : I would have but I need this damn job!
Chad : Hey you two stop the chit chat and get your asses back to work or I will hand you my feces on a plate and make you eat it!
Amanda : That's it I quit!
Chad : So Kaylee you need this damn job well if you don't start Sleeping With me Your Fired!
Kaylee : Fuck you I quit too!
Chad : You two will never work in this town again!
by SlopNChop July 12, 2017
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