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Slang for cool used in Limerick, Ireland
Nicola:"Oh my god have you seen Alana's new make up?"
Heather:"Yeah I did gal it's fair slee"
by Henry Lawton September 04, 2016
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A drunk slut who is often extremely wasted and is always caught surrounded by members of the opposite sex.
by Snowbank February 04, 2013
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A covert term for "Slut" who wants nothing more than a platonic cuddle session.
Dude.. Ashley is such a slee.. all she wanted to do last night was cuddle.
by Anonymous739 March 28, 2008
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A tearm used for a person with a large dome with a dip in it, usually assosciated with a male having large female nipples, with a giant hole in the chest. the slowest kid on the football team,although he is usually a delight to have around he is often annoying.Lastly if a SLEE was born in Sparta he would be discarded no offense..
samlee, when a SLEE coomes around one needs to yell "SLEEEEEEEE" in a deep voice
by SLEEFAN July 06, 2009
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Essentially means "great hair". The first account of slee was shoulder length, and has spread into various styles. Male celebrities of high stature tend to have great slee.
In Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio has great slee, but the best of all time might just be Brad Pitts blond locks in a 1991 Levis Jeans commercial.
by Mike Scenery April 06, 2010
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product that remains on the bedsheets after intercourse. usually the product of vaginal intercourse, not to be confused with santorum i.e. the "wet" in "wet spot"
I'm not going to sleep there, the sheets are covered in slee.
by Mrs. Peacock June 22, 2004
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A student in your class who is mocked and harassed by both teachers and students. He tends to be queer and he enjoys spreading his STD's amongst other males in a ghastly and uncalled for display.
Antwaan: Say friend, what in the name of baby Jesus is that queer doing to those small children?

Benji: 0h, U mean Slee? He molests other males in response to the immense ridicule he faces from his peers.

Antwaan: How unfortunate...
by Wunt sum sawwwce? August 07, 2014
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