slay the boots house down means doing something amazing and going off.
friend: i just slayed my project so hard
me: omg go off queen! slay the boots house down!!😋😍😘😘😝
friend: purrrr go me!
by urmother671509 May 27, 2022
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when you do something amazing or look absolutely sexy and beautiful
lily: do i look good today?

alexa: girl you slay the boots house down 🤭😍
by enjajaja July 17, 2022
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its an extended use of the word "slay". slay is used to describe an action, as in, "she's slaying right now". saying "slay the house down boots" is telling someone to "slay", or do something amazing.
"slay the house down boots sis!" - is telling the person to slay, or do something amazing.

"sis is slaying the house down boots!"- "slaying the house down boots", in this scenario, is describing her action. her action is very amazing, therefore requiring the person to say that she is "slaying the house down boots".
by slaying.on.the.slayly July 24, 2022
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Its a more betters version of slay, its the moment and its giving rich and expensive. If you dont know what slay the house down boots houston im deceased means then you probably a loser. Im talking to you aiden fisher. But yeah its the best word in the dictionary and only losers dont say it.
person 1: I ate!

person 2: omg slay the house down boots houston im deceased!!
by yourhonorimslaying April 28, 2022
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A term used to express exaggerated joy and approval by onlookers or witnesses to behavior perceived as iconic or fierce (e.g. a death drop during a voguing performance, a friend looking hot in a provocative outfit, etc.), or at an unexpected but propitious outcome (e.g. a celebrity coming out, news of a highly anticipated album drop, etc.), typically within the context of gay counterculture.

The term is a portmanteau and takes the form of a command followed by a proclamation. "Slay the house down boots" mixes the use of "slay", widely used as a shorthand to express joyful surprise, with the instruction to slay "the house down", implying a larger edifice or audience, typically in the context of a performance. The addition of "boots" is used for shock effect, echoing wider gay parlance. "Houston I'm deceased" is a play on the lines used by astronauts communicating to NASA's Mission Control and implies that the reaction was so urgent that a well-known authority had to be notified; "I'm deceased" humorously implies that something was so overwhelming that the speaker has passed away. The impossibility of literal use accentuates the chaos and humor.

The term is used primarily among queer youths and emerged from the NY ballroom and drag scene before percolating into wider gay culture, primarily via memes and alt Twitter. It is used for its flamboyant flair and for its tendency to bewilder straight audiences.
*Performer executes a flawless death drop while voguing*
"Yis maw maw you better werk"
"Slay the house down boots Houston I'm deceased!!"
by rabidtuberculosis August 1, 2023
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Slay the boots is an affirmation of excitement, a alteration of just "slay"
For example: person 1 says, "are you going to the slipknot concert this weekend" person 2, "yes I am" person 1: "Slay the boots"
by SlaySlaySlay666 June 15, 2022
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Looking awesome in a cute outfit or completing a very impressive task
Wow girl you Slayed the boots down Huston in those new flare jeans you bought

Hey did you hear billy was elected president he slayed the boots down Huston
by Fifithewordwiz July 28, 2023
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