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the act of chugging your drink when someone calls it. Slamming your drink all at once.
Troy: Slauncher!!!
Brian: FUCK, we just chugged a minute ago!!!
Troy: Do it!!!
Brian: If I puke, it is your fault!!
by T & B July 22, 2009
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1. An extremely un-technical term for a big ass fish
2. A shlong dong dickasaurus
3. Nickname given to a close friend

1.Holy fuck. You just landed a slauncher, better post that on the gram or ain't no one gonna believe you.

2. She wanted to fuck, but I turned it down, didn't want to stretch her like a balloon bwith this slauncher between my legs.
3. Hey wassup slauncher?
by Crowders ridge roast mastah November 16, 2018
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