anyone you would never marry or date, but would fuck into the Andromeda galaxy.
my slam piece just texted me. I'm getting laid. Fucken nice!
by dariusrutter July 24, 2009
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Someone that you regularly hook up with, but would never consider having a serious relationship with.
Alan: Charlie, how do you get so many girls to go for you? You're nothing special.

Charlie Sheen: Because I don't tell them I love them as soon as I meet them Alan, they're just my slam pieces...
by arushvij March 5, 2014
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a friend you use exclusively for sex. the term is popular in canada.
in the Playboy Dirty Dozen interview with Deryck Whibley (lead singer of Sum 41), he refers to an eighth grade girl he termed a slam piece.
by BC Bloody June 3, 2004
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1. A sex partner to whom you have no special attachment.

Function: noun
Synonym: fuck buddy
Hello Jim, please allow me to introduce you to my slam-piece, Jane.
by headbaker April 2, 2003
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a girl that is just a fuck buddy
You know that girl that lives on the other side of St. Anns? Yea, shes my slam piece.
by MIDN Weezy November 16, 2009
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That girl you are really good friends and casually have sex with. She is your friend with benefits and is cool enough to see nothing wrong with that. They are down to hang out and get down and dirty.
My Slam Piece knows when i'm hanging out with the bros and when I needs a good blows
by Jammin Slam December 2, 2011
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