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slam-pig noun
A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually characterized by her finding great pleasure in being fucked roughly or ‘slammed’. The reference to the word ‘pig’ in this term is often mistaken as meaning that the woman is overweight, but it actually refers to the glutinous nature in which she engages in sex and often hints at her eagerness to swallow seminal fluid.
"Hey, can you move your bed away from the wall the next time Evie comes over? The wall was shaking so hard I though my bookshelf would fall over."

"Sorry about that. I tried to slow things down, but she's a real slam pig."
by Don Alphonse January 16, 2014
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a fat drunken whore, muffin tops leaking over her belt, titties falling out of her shirt, who loves to get plowed. the type of girl you who makes you throw up in your mouth when you realize where you stuck your dick the night before.
check out Smoltz and that slam pig - she's dying for some cock and he's clearly shitfaced enough to give it to her.
by Dexter St. Jacques November 06, 2007
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a girl that is such a slut and has been fucked so many times, that most men realize she has some kind of venereal diease and decide not to go near her
The bitch is such a slam pig, i'm not going near her she'll give me siphilis or something
by MattfromthePLY March 14, 2006
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A girl who is about average looking that likes to have random sexual encounters with many guys when she gets drunk. She loves to hook up, give blowjobs, and essentially get railed. This type of girl is every guy's perfect woman because she won't constantly call you, and won't blow your spot. Directions for using a slam pig: talk to her, smash that ass, and kick her out. She'll love it.

That slam pig will bang anyone.
by slamking April 13, 2008
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A female with a healthy sexual appetite, A whore, A slut.
That slam pig gave VD to every guy on campus!
by J.P April 04, 2004
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N. A fat girl who is used for "slamming". A fat chick used to get a "load" out...nothing more.
"Dude, she was such a slam pig, but I needed to get laid."
by L.M. February 10, 2005
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An unplesent looking girl who gets consistantly railed and takes pleasure in that fact. The more penis' taken, the more satisfied this species becomes. Between a Slam Pigs legs is an excelent place to find a plethora of STD's.
"There goes Johanna with another shady looking guy."

"Yeah she needs to meet her quota of 5 guys per night."

"What a nasty Slam Pig"

"It's not her fault it's in every Slam Pigs genes"
by Jdizz019 September 16, 2008
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