The act of attempting to climb steep mountains/hills by jumping at various angles repeatedly in video games instead of trying to find the actual path that was intended to be used. Most commonly done while playing Skyrim, but can be performed in other games as well, with varying success depending on the video game and the mountain/hill in question.
"The path is over there, what are you doing?"
"Paths are for the weak. I'm Skyrimming this."
by kjlynn March 15, 2015
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Sk-eye-rim-ming: The act of abandoning your friends, family, work and other such social and physical obligations to sit in your underpants for a protracted length of time (possibly years) playing Skyrim.

Alternatively rimming someone while jumping out of an airplane at 40,000 feet. See also 'riming
Bill was skyrimming, now his dog and his children are dead. Yay! Dragons!
by weeble dave November 12, 2011
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"Oh man I loved Skyrimming with Erica last night."
"Dude, I don't want to know about your sex life or your video game life."
by Mr. Everclear November 21, 2011
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Verb~ licking someones asshole in an airplane
Bob: Hey have you ever done any Skyrimming?

Jim: Yeah I love Elder Scrolls!

Bob: Naw Man my girl licked my ass on the airplane when we went on our honeymoon.
by Corvis29 November 16, 2011
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Taking a crap without placing your ass on the toilet seat. Initially, it was used to describe someone playing the game, Skyrim, however, the much usage has modified it to mean someone who is taking a crap while only squatting over the toilet seat, out of fear that he contracts mononucleosis, or just to not get comfortable enough where the crap taking experience becomes worthwhile; in other words, he or she is in a hurry.
Dude, give me a second, I'm skyrimming right now.

Bro, I am skyrimming to make that appointment at 3:00.
by Mr. Strong123 January 20, 2012
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The sexual act of engaging in a rimjob whilst dressed in LARPing gear. More than likely a homosexual act, given the amount of women who engage in LARPing or the amount of LARPers who actually have girlfriends.
Dude, Lord of the Rings was alright, but at this rate you'll be Skyrimming your new geeky friends come next week
by The Baron! December 5, 2011
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Giving someone anilingus while on a plane.

Reference to the bestselling game by Bethesda : The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Boy 1 - Guess What?

Boy 2 - What?

Boy 1 - I just joined the mile high club! :)

Boy 2 - That's nothing mate, last month me and my girlfriend did some Skyrimming on the flight from Paris to London! :D

Boy 1 - Lucky!
by Skyrimming January 20, 2012
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