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A type of popular fashion mostly worn by South African teens, a person who talks Insta slang
"that guy looks like he a skrr skrr"
"I wear skrr skrr type fashion"
by Jerry Blacc November 03, 2018
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The sound of car brakes. When you pull your car up and it makes the skrr sound. Rappers use it to show they have expensive cars and gangs use it as a greeting.
"skrr skrr"

shut up luqi your broke ass dont have a car
by Faiyaz69 January 05, 2017
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1) What is often said when an awkward situation occurs.
2) South African fashion worn by teens.
3) Skrr Skrr ; sometimes meaning cool or dodgy
1) *everyone in class is having their own conversation, then suddenly it goes quiet and only one person is talking*

" Then Mark asked Bella if she wanted to pull!"

"Skrr Skrr"

2) "Yesterday I went to Factorie and bought a Fannie pack, cool ass glasses and some wack af socks"

"You're such a Skrr Skrr kid"

3) cool = "damn those wheels were Skrr skrr"

Dodgy = "That guy was otherwise Skrr skrr"
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by ziigout November 04, 2018
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When there is drama goin on there two types of people, the people that vroom (join in), and the people that Skrr Skrr (avoid it but still watch from a distance)
Did you hear that she vroomed!?
Oh shit well imma just Skrr Skrr
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by Iā€™m broken July 16, 2018
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