The splash or squirt from the popping of a bubble filled with a flavourful liquid
That popping boba skooshed like crazy
by BobaBoy June 25, 2020
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To travel, a short trip, a holiday.
I'm gonna Skoosh over to France at the weekend to pick up a van load of booze and fags you want anything?

I'm gonna skoosh down to the shop do you want a twix?
by 3 toed Pete December 29, 2009
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Skoosh is a word that can literally mean and apply to anything and the definition can be found out using context.
Friend 1: damn bro this party sucks I'm Tryna skoosh
Friend 2: I feel u bro.fuck this let me get me girl and meet me in the skoosh.
Friend 1:skoosh
by King_Mercury October 23, 2017
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A sip borrowed from someone elses beveridge. For show!
OI Knobend! Gies a Skoosh au yer juice
by JC PURE MAN February 5, 2006
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skoosh is that feeling that its all worth it; the feeling that you know it is all goin to work out in the end; skoosh is when u can walk a mile in the rain and not feel a drop; skoosh is when u can smile and thats all that needs to be said; skoosh is that feeling right after you have cashed in on the long chase; skoosh is that level of drunkeness where everything is beautiful; skoosh is that state of mind when you know you cannot die.
After mark finally fucked that virgin for the first time he was in a pure state of skoosh.

After chugging a solo cup full of vodka, mark paid for everyone at manerray's because he was skoosh.
by drunk boy February 23, 2006
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a great bargain; something that's easier than it looks
"I bought this on the internet - It was an absolute skoosh!"
by Sammi C March 15, 2006
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