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A derogatory term similar to the terms "dirt bag" "asshole" and "punk". Occassionally affiliated to individuals who qualify as the common "trailer trash - wigger" combination.
by Jive_Pua April 17, 2011
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Skiv is a word almost impossible to define but here is my best attempt. The person or persons sitting in a certain part of a room attempting to be "Ghetto" "gangsta" usually have poor hygiene. On the male side being not shaven and have few distinct hairs as a mustache as well have a cap tilt sideways, bums people for smokes as well wears a muscle shirt where one is not needed. As well raggy old baggy pants are a must.

For females its mainly women who think they are all that hang out with said guys, also bum for smokes have those tight white pants with stains all over them as well get all up in your "grill" if you approach them with any perplexing looks on your face.
See that guy over there in the corner bummin' people for smokes, he is a skiv.
by stevieB April 20, 2006
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A skiv. A term mostly used in England when used to talk about chavs. A skiv will usually wear fake clothing and claim it's real. Sometimes they do wear real clothIng but as you'd expect they only have one pair of it as they save up all their benefit money for it. They try to act hard and get up all in your face. You'd typically see them exiting their house with their wife and all 9 kids for extra benefit money. You can only be a skiv if you live off benefits though.
John: Haha hey Mike, look at how fake that adidas is.
Mike: Oh my god yeah what a council house skiv.
by An idiot who likes Skyrim June 17, 2017
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Among the music community and rural/suburban mid-west musicians I grew up with, Skiv was used as slang for money.
I hate working two jobs but I need the skiv.
by Dr. Lightnin' December 30, 2018
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1. A make-shift knife or cutting-edge fashioned from materials available to prisoners.
"That MotherF'er had palmed a SKIV."
by mainframe October 31, 2003
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What someone says when they get up out of their seat and want to save it for when they get back and so that no one steals it. Commonly mistaken for "skibs", and is synonmous to "fives".
Guy 1: "Hey guys I'll be right back, skivs."
Guy 2: "I'm gonna steal his seat."
Guy 3: "You can't he called skivs."
by latinscholarsteeze February 15, 2012
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En sammensætning er ordene; stiv og skæv.
Så hvis du ikke kan finde ud af, hvad du er mest påvirket af, så bare sig du er total skiv
Fuck drenge, jeg er total skiv lige nu...
by Røde September 01, 2014
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