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A skittle rubbed on one's nipple then eaten. Also can be played as game by eating skittles off of each other's nipples.
Matt: Hey man, can I get a Skittle???
Colby: Aww man, I'm all out of Skittles; but I have some Skipples.
Matt: Give 'em here brother!!!
by The Colbmeister April 15, 2010
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when the girl has no nipple it is just covered by skin
haha kelly has skipples
by jeff March 14, 2005
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When a male feels his nipple, and it feels like there is a skittle under it.
Guy1: Do you feel that bump?
Guy2:(feels nipple) Yeah bro that's a skipple.
by TheAZN859 October 09, 2010
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The act of witnessing boobage on Skype as a result of a poor internet connection.
I was talking to Maggie last on Skype and as she was getting up, the screen froze and I got major Skipples.
by Not Elliot's mom November 05, 2009
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when a nipple of a titty is covered by skin therefore looking like a skin nipple
Kelly has skipples you cant even see her damn nipple
by Ryan Farrell March 13, 2005
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When there is no defined nipple. The nipple is flesh colored all the way across.
Damn that bitches titties freaked me out man, she had them damn skipples!
by yourmamasux November 28, 2007
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