One who is very reluctant to spend money even when it is clearly in one's best interest.
XC- We say you are a skinflint, a beggar for free samples, a knave on RC business. Wait, you!
by Hal_Incandenza October 18, 2011
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An unreasonably thrifty person. (Flint is a semiprecious mineral a relative of quartz, and the notion that the greediest person would keep flint shavings for economy).
My uncle George will never help anyone out. He's too much of a skin
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
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some body that is very tight with their money and wont let it go easily
please can u lend me 20p for the phone
fuck off i go to work for that
by becky November 23, 2003
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A sex act in which a man's penis is rubbed in a manner akin to vigorously rubbing flintstone to start a fire.
Guy 1: 'How was last night?'
Gay 2: 'Oh man....I went home with this chick and she skinflinted me like a pro'
Guy 1: 'You lucky F**K'
by sexykitten93 October 20, 2014
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A bonerless penis. A limp noodle skin sac.
I asked my homeboy when he presented his limp dick, "what do you expect me to do with that skinflint?"
by Gagless Gaby August 23, 2023
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