The work of fucking Satan.

It is the worst meme possibly conceived, if you can even consider it a meme. It is so unbelievably wretched and cretinous to where anyone over the age of 5 knows that it is terrible. It was created by some guy on Youtube or smnth. The meme is so terrible and absolutely fucking atrocious that it makes me, and several other groups of people want to rip their eyes out. The meme has been going for way to long, similar to another terrible meme, the "Ohio Meme". Both of these fucking memes are so horrendous. Little children also try to say this meme has lore, but it doesn't. at all.
The fanbase of this meme consists of little crusty iPad kids who aren't even potty-trained yet. This meme is largely on Youtube Shorts, which is a detestable internet landscape that is also a rip-off of TikTok.
Seriously this meme is so absolutely disgusting.
i, and everyone else on the internet other than those infants on YT shorts agrees, that this is the worst thing ever.
Father: Hey son, what'cha watching?

Little breastmilk-drinking, crusty bed-wetting 4 year old who lacks any form of intelligence: Skibidi bop bop bop skibidi skibidi bop

Father: *gets out a revolver and loads it*

Little breastmilk-drinking, crusty bed-wetting 4 year old who lacks any form of intelligence: skibidi bop shop mop skibidi skibidi toilet is so good i really like skibid bop shnop glop skibidi-

Father: *now deceased due to the revolver.*

Little breastmilk-drinking, crusty bed-wetting 4 year old who lacks any form of intelligence: skibdi nfir frfI FUCKING HATRE SKINDIJTOIELT OH MY FUCKIGN SGOD
by 947res August 27, 2023
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Skibidi Toilet is a series of animated videos created by the YouTuber DaFuq?Boom. The audience usually consists of 3 year olds and grown men looking to capitalise of trends popular with toddlers.
Toddler 1: *drools* skibidi dop dop dop, i am a toilet!
Toddler 2: skibidi toilet dop yes yes yes toilet
by balistah August 21, 2023
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A YouTube show made for people at the age of 0-8.
Skibidi toilet is not funny and has no lore once so ever. It is legitimately just a toilet.
by poofart96 August 23, 2023
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the worst shit on the planet the lore Its literally just explosions

4 year old: im watching skibidi toilet!
me: shut the fuck up kid thats stupid
4 yr old; but its goo-
me: YEET
me: damn I miss when kids watched Pewdiepie why can't these kids watch Mr.Beast or something actually good for petes fucking sake
by AverageWeirdoSplatoonFan October 25, 2023
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This skibidi toilet shit is a fucking cartoon with a head sticking out of a toilet bowl or something I dont fucking know, the only people who actually find it funny are crusty ass 4 year olds on youtube shorts. Im not ready for the rise of gen alpha god fucking damn it
Toddler 1: sticking out your gyat for the rizzlerrr 💯🔥🔥
Toddler 2: youre so skibidi 😍😘
Toddler 3: I looove skibidi toilet guyz❤️ 🔥
by LexiOLexi October 19, 2023
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A phrase created by DaFuq!Boom on YouTube, which is a series of camera men-like creatures and toilets with the heads of characters from the game Gary's Mod. Skibidi Toilet is mostly aimed at children, but it is so frustrating and annoying that it has made grown adults and teenagers alike lose they're balls and brains due to it's annoyance; this is due to the amount of "shitty" YouTube Shorts containing this horrifically annoying trend, used by YouTubers such as LankyBox, Corey Tonge and much more.

An Example is shown Below
Child : Hi, how are you?

Adult/Teenager: Good. How about yo-

Child: I like Skibidi Toilet!
by jisd_on August 30, 2023
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A "Skibidi Toilet" is a character in an ongoing series created by "DaFuq?!Boom!" on youtube.
The series was made in Source Filmmaker.
A Skibidi Toilet consists of one toilet with a head inside it. However, some variations, like a "Vacuum Skibidi Toilet" dont consist of a toilet.
There are many variations of Skibidi toilets. Some have unique designs, some have extra abilities, such as having spider legs, rocket launchers, arms, and many more.
The leader of the skibidi toilets is "G-Man Toilet"
A Skibidi Toilet sings ONLY the part in the song "Biser King Dom Dom Yes Yes" where the person says "brr skibidi dop dop dop yes yes".
Larger Skibidi Toilets sing the song in a lower pitched tone.
Person 1: Yo man, why do I have no more toilets in my house?
Person 2: I dont know, mine just disappeared as well.
A Skibidi Toilet that spawns out of nowhere: Brrr Skibidi dop dop dop yes yes!
Person 1: What the fuck?
by Cinemaman2 July 8, 2023
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