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A person who helps injured people on at a ski area
The ski patroller named Elsa helped me when I broke my leg at Nashoba Valley
by Kev dawg January 22, 2017
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Name for a cocaine dealer. The name comes from the appearance of cocaine in its normal, white-powder form (just like snow).
cocaine head: Yo, I wanna get fucked up, lets call up the ski patrol and we'll split a gram and go skiing.

cocaine head's friend: Ok
by Fully19 June 20, 2006
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People who take care of injured skiers. Usually gay or like to have sex with little boys. 90% are Egotistical, Trustfund pretty boys. They are all afraid of snowmakers because the Snowmakers are superior to anything they do. Snowmakers also steal there glory and there woman. Usually there is one patroler that is more hated then any other usually named JOSH
I got hurt skiing and the ski patrol helped then had sex with my 12 year old son.
by Snow God December 23, 2006
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